*only first edition of tracks*
*no bootlegs or videos*
#cream color - song with MK
#yellow color - tune of MK
#ep - extended play
#mc - tape cassette
#ost - soundtrack
#pr - promo recording
#s - single
#sm - maxi single
#vac - various artists compilation

1978 Dire Straits - Dire Straits all tracks

1979 Albert Lee - Hiding Settin' Me Up

1979 Bistrock - L'Ecole Du Rock'n'Roll #s L'Ecole Du Rock'n'Roll

1979 Blomman - Jag Har Fatt En Elefant Panikens Garn
Dom Har Inte Rad A Tjacka Vattensäng

1979 Bob Dylan - Gotta Serve Somebody #s Gotta Serve Somebody (Short Version)
Trouble In Mind

1979 Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming all tracks

1979 Dire Straits - Communique all tracks

1979 Lalla Hansson - Svänger Ett Gäng #s Svänger Ett Gäng

1979 Mavis Staples - Oh What A Feeling Let Love Come Between Us
Loving You

1979 Michael Holm - Wenn Die Zukunft Beginnt #s Wenn Die Zukunft Beginnt

1979 Sandy McLelland - Sandy McLelland And The Backline Sure Sounds Good To Me

1979 Top Of The Poppers - Top Of The Pops 72 Sultans Of Swing

1980 Dire Straits - Making Movies all tracks

1980 Eric Clapton - Just One Night Setting Me Up

1980 Leon Everette - Giving Up Easy #s Setting Me Up

1980 Philip Lynott - Solo In Soho King's Call

1980 Steely Dan - Gaucho Time Out Of Mind

1980 The Dave Storey Band - DSB Sultans Of Swing

1981 After Dark - After Dark Sultans Of Swing

1981 Top Of The Poppers - Top Of The Pops 84 Romeo & Juliet

1982 Dire Straits - Love Over Gold all tracks

1982 Fausto Papetti - My One And Only Love Private Investigations

1982 Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Love Over And Over Love Over And Over

1982 Philip Lynott - The Philip Lynott Album Ode To Liberty (The Protest Song)

1982 Van Morrison - Beautiful Vision Cleaning Windows
Aryan Mist

1982 Willie Colon - Corazon Guerrero Corazon Guerrero

1983 Billie Jo Spears - We Just Came Apart At The Dreams Settin' Me Up

1983 Bob Dylan - Infidels all tracks

1983 David Knopfler - Release Madonna's Daughter

1983 Dee Carstensen - Beloved One Waterhole

1983 Dire Straits - Extended Dance Play #ep all tracks

1983 Gail Davies - What Can I Say Setting Me Up

1983 Johnny Malcolm Orchestra (Super Hits Aktuell #vac) Twisting By The Pool

1983 Paul Keogh - From The Guitar Man With Love Sultans Of Swing

1983 Phil Everly - Phil Everly She Means Nothing To Me
God Bless Older Ladies
Sweet Pretender
I'll Mend Your Broken Heart
Better Than Now

1983 The Shadows - XXV Going Home (Theme From Local Hero)

1984 John Illsley - Never Told A Soul The Night Cafe
Never Told A Soul
Northern Land
Let The River Flow

1984 Samantha Lam - Meet Up Sui Lang

1984 Scott Walker - Climate Of Hunter Blanket Roll Blue

1984 Tina Turner - Private Dancer Private Dancer

1984 Urban Agnas - Urban Agnas Going Home (Theme Of The Local Hero)

1984 Waylon Jennings - Never Could Toe The Mark Settin' Me Up

1985 Bryan Ferry - Boys And Girls Valentine

1985 Chet Atkins - Stay Tuned Some Leather And Lace
Cosmic Square Dance

1985 Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms all tracks

1985 Kai Hyttinen - Tänään Tanssikeikka

1985 Party Service Band - Neverending Party #mc Private Dancer

1985 Stuart Moffat - October Island Romeo And Juliet

1985 The Everly Brothers - Born Yesterday Why Worry

1986 Bamses Venner - Rockcreme Kurt

1986 Dennis Robbins - The First Of Me Setting Me Up

1986 George Lam - Zui Ai Kai Lu Xian Feng

1986 Hana Zagorova - Dobre Jitro / Jako Nemluvne #s Dobre Jitro (Walk Of Life)

1986 Lalla Hansson - Sin Egen Väg #s Sin Egen Väg

1986 Mario Gregorie - Edge Of The Ivories Private Dancer

1986 Nana Mouskouri - Why Worry Why Worry

1986 Reilly & Maloney - Backstage Why Worry

1986 The London Starlight Orchestra

18 Famous Film & TV Themes

Going Home

1986 Tina Turner - Break Every Rule Overnight Sensation
Paradise Is Here

1986 Various Artists - The Color Of Money #ost Two Brothers And A Stranger

1986 Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project - VSOP I Brothers In Arms
Private Dancer

1986 Vikingarna - Kramgoa Latar 14 Livets Gang (Walk Of Life)

1986 Zamfir - Harmony Wild Theme

1987 Barron Knights

Don't Let The Germans Pinch Your Sunbeds!

Money For Nothing

1987 Ben E. King - Save The Last Dance For Me Save The Last Dance For Me
Halfway To Paradise

1987 Chet Atkins - Sails Why Worry

1987 Colin Reece - All The Do's And Don'ts Why Worry

1987 Lars Roos - Örongodis 2 Wild Theme

1987 Paul Brady - Primitive Dance The Game Of Love

1987 Poutnici - Poutnici Telegrafni Cesta

1987 Sting - Nothing Like The Sun They Dance Alone (Cueca Solo)

1987 T.G. Sheppard - One For The Money Walk Of Life

1987 The Twilight Orchestra - Rhythm Of My Heart Private Dancer
Romeo And Juliet

1987 Various Artists - The Secret Policeman's Third Ball Imagine (Live)

1987 Various Artists - Zeebrugge Ferry Aid: Let It Be #sm Let It Be (7'' Mix)
Let It Be (12'' Mix)
Let It Be (Mega Message Mix)
Let It Be (Gospel Jam Mix)

1987 Willy DeVille - Assassin Of Love #s Assassin Of Love (Extended Version)
Spanish Jack

1987 Willy DeVille - Miracle all tracks

1987 Willy DeVille - Miracle #s Miracle
I Call Your Name
Could You Would You

1987 Willy DeVille - Southern Politician #sm Southern Politician (Edit Version)
Southern Politician

1987 Zoran - Szep Holnap Szep Holnap

1988 Blind Baby Olin & The Workbenches - Oh Yeah! #mc Water Of Love

1988 Bob Dylan - Down In The Groove Death Is Not The End

1988 Chet Atkins - C.G.P. Imagine

1988 Floyd Tolman - Walk Of Life #s Walk Of Life

1988 Francesco Napoli - Magico Sorridi (Why Worry)

1988 Frank Zander - Unter Strom Das War'n Zeiten

1988 George Martin Orchestra - Under Milk Wood Main Theme

1988 Highway 101 - Highway 101, vol.2 Setting Me Up

1988 Joan Armatrading - The Shouting Stage #pr The Shouting Stage (Edit)

1988 Joan Armatrading - The Shouting Stage Did I Make You Up
The Shouting Stage

1988 Joan Baez - Recently Brothers In Arms

1988 John Illsley - Glass All I Want Is You

1988 Randy Newman - Land Of Dreams Dixie Flyer
New Orleans Wins The War
Bad News From Home
Roll With The Punches
Masterman And Baby J
Follow The Flag
It's Money That Matters

1988 The Seldom Scene - A Change Of Scenery Settin' Me Up

1989 John Spence (ABC For Kids One #vac) Why Worry

1989 Tommy Emmanuel (ABC For Kids Zzzero #vac) Going Home

1990 Benny Neyman - Tussen Rood En Smaragd Meisje

1990 Brendan Croker

Brendan Croker And The Five O'Clock Shadows

No Money At All

1990 Brendan Croker

Brendan Croker And The Five O'Clock Shadows #ep

You Don't Need Me Here (Live At Leeds)
Railroad Blues (Live At Leeds)
Georgia Crawl (Live At Leeds)


Brendan Croker And The Five O'Clock Shadows

No Money At All #s

No Money At All
Joshua Gone Barbados (Live At Leeds)

1990 Brewers Droop - The Booze Brothers Where Are You Tonight
My Old Lady
Rock Steady Woman

1990 Charles Mann - Walk Of Life #s Walk Of Life

1990 Galija - Korak Do Slobode Kad Me Pogledas

1990 Katie Webster - Two-Fisted Mama! So Far Away

1990 Purpur - Kopf Hoch #sm Kopf Hoch (Why Worry)

1990 Richard Harvey - Evening Falls Local Hero
Brothers In Arms

1990 The Judds - River Of Time Water Of Love

1990 Tina Turner - Foreign Affair Foreign Affair

1990 Weird Al Yankovic - UHF Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies

1990 Chet Atkins And Mark Knopfler - Neck And Neck all tracks

1990 Dire Straits (Knebworth #vac) Think I Love You Too Much
Money For Nothing

1990 Hagelwätter Blues Bänd - Schlussbouquet Sultans Of Swing

1990 Oberaargauer Brass Band - Power Of Brass Going Home

1990 SuperCountry - Wake Up Settin' Me Up

1990 The Jeff Healey Band - I Think I Love You Too Much #pr I Think I Love You Too Much (Edit)
I Think I Love You Too Much (Album Version)

1990 The Jeff Healey Band - Hell To Pay I Think I Love You Too Much

1990 The Notting Hillbillies

Feel Like Going Home #s

Feel Like Going Home
Lonesome Wind Blues
One Way Gal

1990 The Notting Hillbillies

Your Own Sweet Way #s

Your Own Sweet Way (Fade)
That's Where I Belong

1990 The Notting Hillbillies

Missing... Presumed Having A Good Time

all tracks

1991 Big Daddy - Cutting Their Own Groove Money For Nothing

1991 Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series, vol.3 Ye Shall Be Changed
Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart
Tell Me
Lord Protect My Child
Foot Of Pride
Blind Willie McTell

1991 Brendan Croker - The Great Indoors I Hope That It Don't Go Away
I Guess That Says It All
One Day
Tell Me
There'll Come A Day
Running On Down This Road

1991 Brian Smith - Moonlight Sax Two Your Latest Trick/Smooth Operator

1991 Buddy Guy - Damn Right, I've Got The Blues Where Is The Next One Coming From

1991 Chris White - Shadowdance Jericho Walls
Dream Time

1991 Dire Straits - On Every Street all tracks

1991 Lele Laina - Magic Guitar The Long Road
Going Home

1991 Party Service Band - Everything I Do, I Do It For You Calling Elvis

1991 Robert Black - Breaking New Ground Going Home

1991 Ronnie Milsap - Back To The Grindstone All Is Fair In Love And War

1991 Uwe Schmid - Zärtliche Saiten Why Worry

1991 Various Artists - Voices That Care #s Voices That Care
Voices That Care (Instrumental)

1992 Captain Gumbo - Back A La Maison Walk Of Life

1992 Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed - Sneakin' Around Cajun Stripper
Gibson Girl

1992 Couggies - For The Good Times Ticket To Heaven

1992 David Schnaufer - Dulcimer Sessions All I Have To Do Is Dream

1992 Georgio Parreira - Soft & Soulful Sax Why Worry/Local Hero

1992 Indigo Girls - Rites Of Passage Romeo And Juliet

1992 J-Walk - Thirteen Years Old Going Home (Theme Of The Local Hero)

1992 John Anderson - Seminole Wind When It Comes To You

1992 Lip Service - Lip Service #mc Setting Me Up

1992 London Twilight Orchestra - The Story Of Tina Turner Private Dancer

1992 Mary Chapin Carpenter - Come On Come On The Bug

1992 Mirek Hoffmann A Novi Zelenaci

Za Volantem Stary Kovboj

Helou, Bejby

1992 Muriel Anderson - Arioso From Paris Why Worry

1992 P.O.P. (Point Of Position) - Hard Work #sm Hard Work (Radio Edit)
Hard Work

1992 Rory Block - Ain't I A Woman Faithless World

1992 Rory Block - Faithless World #s Faithless World (Radio Version)

1992 Schytts - Musikparaden Livets Gang

1992 The Govan Spoonful

The International Ceilidh Band Championship

The Kelty Clippie, Walk Of Life

1992 The Guitar Corporation - Images Local Hero

1992 Zlatni Dukati - 16 Zlatnih Hitova U Oruzju Brat

1993 Aaron Neville

Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight #s

Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight

1993 Alan Clive - Synthetizer Waves Why Worry

1993 Alex Bollard - Mark Knopfler's Album Of Hits all tracks

1993 Art Garfunkel - Up 'til Now Why Worry

1993 Brendan Croker & The Serious Offenders - Time Off When It Comes To You

1993 Chaka Demus & Pliers - Ruff This Year Only Love

1993 Detour (Country Express Folge 3 #vac) Setting Me Up

1993 Foster & Allen - By Request Why Worry

1993 Grant & Forsyth - More Country Love Songs Walk Of Life

1993 Hank Marvin - Wonderful Land #s Wonderful Land

1993 Johnny Cash - American Outtakes The Next Time I'm In Town

1993 La Bande Magnetik - Je Ne Peux Vivre Sans... Don't Stand By So Close To Me

1993 London Twilight Orchestra

The Story Of Dire Straits, vol.1

all tracks

1993 London Twilight Orchestra

The Story Of Dire Straits, vol.2

all tracks

1993 Malchishnik - Miss Big Tits Speaking Of Sex
Speaking Of Sex (Instrumental)

1993 Old Country Folks - Next Time In Town The Next Time I'm In Town
How Long

1993 Patty Larkin - Angels Running Video

1993 Phil Coulter - Recollections Cal
Local Hero

1993 Piet Veerman - A Winter's Tale Ticket To Heaven

1993 Seasons - Irish Cream Local Hero

1993 The Victoria Police Pipe Band

Live In Concert In Ireland

Going Home

1994 Ad & Karin - Lieve Moeder Walk Of Life

1994 Amii Stewart - Lady To Ladies Private Dancer

1994 Brassband Bürgermusik Luzern - Brass Cimena II Going Home

1994 Brendan Croker - The Kershaw Sessions Please Baby
Blues Stay Away From Me
Weapon Of Prayer
That's Where I Belong

1994 Chet Atkins - Read My Licks Around The Bend

1994 D-Purple Band - That's The Way You Do It #sm That's The Way You Do It (Remix)
That's The Way You Do It (Original Mix)

1994 Daylight Orchestra (After Midnight Hit-Mix, vol.3 #vac) Private Dancer

1994 Daylight Orchestra (Jump Hit-Mix, vol.4 #vac) Brothers In Arms

1994 Erich Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

The Great Fantasy Adventure Album

Main Titles From Princess Bride

1994 George Jones - The Bradley Barn Sessions White Lightnin'

1994 Hank Shizzoe - Low Budget Six Blade Knife

1994 Loose Ties - Tangled Roots When It Comes To You

1994 Matthijs Koene - Songs For Life Last Exit To Brooklyn (A Love Idea)

1994 Nanci Griffith - Flyer Don't Forget About Me

1994 Rapid Transit - Wanted Dead Or Still Live Settin' Me Up

1994 Rebelheart - Tikras Garsas #mc I Think I Love You Too Much

1994 Ross Mitchell - C.F.D. 4 (Standard And Latin Dances) Walk Of Life

1994 String Quartet

Wedding Collection: Celebration & Remembrance

Once Upon A Time... Storybook Love

1994 The Purple Kings - That's The Way You Do It #sm Radio Edit
White Label Mix
Purple Club Mix

1994 Various Artists

Adios Amigo: A Tribute To Arthur Alexander

You Better Move On

1994 Women's Work - Marianne And Me Six Blade Knife

1995 Cliff Eberhardt - Mona Lisa Cafe Romeo And Juliet

1995 Dire Straits - Live At The BBC all tracks

1995 Dream Circle

Guitar Classics: A Tribute To The Guitar Heroes

Local Hero

1995 Federico Salvatore - Cabarettombola Sultans Of Swing

1995 Frisk Base - Your Latest Trick #sm Your Latest Trick (Mix Version)
Your Latest Trick (Alternative Mix)

1995 Grosaci - Nac Tedy Lhat Jasna Vec

1995 Jimmy Nail - Big River #s Big River

1995 Jubilant Bridge - Under Shattered Skies Soliloquy/Brothers In Arms

1995 Mac & O' - Someone From Home Next Time I'm In Town

1995 Mike Krüger - Krüger's Echte Ich Bin Der Trommler Von Langeoog

1995 Pierre Belmonde - Pan-Pipe Dreams Local Hero

1995 Ronnie Drew - Dirty Rotten Shame Brothers In Arms

1995 Savannah - Side By Side Walk Of Life
Ticket To Heaven

1995 Sonny Landreth - South Of I-10 Shootin' For The Moon
Creole Angel
Congo Square

1995 Stef Meeder - De 90 Grootste Hits Ticket To Heaven

1995 Steve Phillips - Been A Long Time Gone When It Comes To You

1995 The Ballroom Band - Jitterbug Walk Of Life

1995 The Bulikoko Band - On The Road To Shambala Why Worry

1995 The Chieftains - The Long Black Veil The Lily Of The West

1995 The Gary Tesca Orchestra

Private Dancer: The Tina Turner Story

Private Dancer

1995 The London Starlight Orchestra - Pop Standards Private Investigations

1995 The Outlaws - N°1 Next Time I'm In Town

1995 The Songrise Orchestra - The Music Of Dire Straits all tracks

1995 The Starlite Orchestra - Viva Italia Sorridi

1995 Tomas Linka & Pavel Brümer - Posledni Soud Jsem Sam

1995 Trouble Boys - I Think I Love You Too Much I Think I Love You Too Much

1995 Trucks Aus Dem Zillertal - Freunde Wie Wir The Bug

1996 Black Hills Country Band - Part Three Next Time I'm In Town

1996 Blasorchester Der Jugendblaskapelle (Leibnitz)

Brass & Wood

Brothers In Arms

1996 Carmen Carter (Rock-A-Bye Baby #vac) Why Worry

1996 Devitka - Jeste Se Strili Julie A Romeo

1996 Free The Spirit - Pan From Paradise, vol.3 Brothers In Arms

1996 Iris DeMent - The Way I Should The Way I Should

1996 James McNally - Everybreath Irish Boy

1996 Jan Vayne - Classics & Pop Private Investigations

1996 Jimmy Nail - Big River '96 #pr Big River '96 (Radio Edit)

1996 Jimmy Nail - Big River '96 #s Big River '96

1996 John Anderson - Paradise Let The Guitar Do The Talkin'

1996 Paul Brooks - Sax Seduction Private Dancer

1996 Paul Brooks - Soft Rock Classics Romeo And Juliet

1996 Pedro Javier Gonzalez - Guitarra Sultans Of Swing

1996 Randy Travis - Full Circle Are We In Trouble Now

1996 Steve Phillips - Just Pickin' Just Pickin'
Hometown Rag
Hawkins Rag
Dallas Rag

1996 Various Artists - Sult: Spirit Of The Music #ost On Raglan Road

1996 SuperCountry - Festival Favorites Walk Of Life

1996 The Highland Band Of The Scottish Division

(Berwick Military Tattoo #vac)

Local Hero

1996 Unknown - 80's Instrumental Love Songs, vol.2 Private Dancer

1996 Unknown - Synthesizer Collection Private Dancer

1996 Various Artists - Dunblane Against Guns #s Knockin' On Heaven's Door

1996 Various Artists - Twang!: A Tribute To Hank Marvin Atlantis

1996 Waylon Jennings

(Not Fade Away: Remembering Buddy Holly #vac)

Learning The Game

1996 Women's Work - Les Filles Du Limmatquai Sultans Of Swing

1997 Anna Landa - Ik Heb Gedroomd #s Liefste

1997 Clint Black - Nothin' But The Taillights Ode To Chet

1997 Dave MacLean & Montana Country - Country Sultans Of Swing
Walk Of Life

1997 De Gyldne Løver - Fæ Og Folk Vi Ses En Anden Gang

1997 Grosaci - Nebeskej Listek Nebeskej Listek

1997 Henrik Schouw - After Eight Why Worry/Local Hero

1997 Het IJssel Duo - Zonder Grenzen Walk Of Life

1997 Instrumental Orchestra - Instrumental Memories: Tina Tuner Private Dancer

1997 Keith Thompson - Romantic Guitars, vol.2 Romeo And Juliet

1997 Kenny Bee - Why Worry Why Worry

1997 Knapp Ein Jahr - Zeitlos How Long Blues
When It Comes To You
Next Time I'm In Town

1997 Paul Brooks - New Horizons Private Investigations

1997 Schovanky - Damska Jizda Flam

1997 Ted Hawkins - Music For 2:47 AM Fade To Black

1997 The Boogaloo Swamis - Out Of Darkness Walk Of Life

1997 The Central Band Of The Royal Air Force

The Spectacular Sound

Going Home

1997 The Countdown Singers (Hit Parade Of The 80's #vac) Private Dancer

1997 The Dean Brothers - A Chance To Dance Cannibals

1997 The Delta Line Dance Band - Boot Scootin' Boogie The Bug

1997 The Sky Devils - Indo Rock Cannibals

1997 Various Artists - Music For Montserrat Brothers In Arms
Hey Jude

1997 Xeito Novo - Campustellae Local Hero

1998 A.K.F. (The Best Of Ultra Mix 2 #vac) Your Latest Trick (Tricky Transform '98)

1998 Bermuda Acoustic Trio

Live At The Johnny Fox's & Echo Music Pub

Sultans Of Swing

1998 Black Hills Country Band - Anything Or Anytime Ticket To Heaven

1998 Cap Pela - Cap Pela Walk Of Life

1998 Chris Jones & Steve Baker - Everybody's Cryin' Mercy Settin' Me Up

1998 Danny Click - Forty Miles Six Blade Knife

1998 Dean Ashton - The Magic Guitar Of Dean Ashton Walk Of Life

1998 Deetah - Relax #sm Relax (Radio Edit)
Relax (Stargate Remix)

1998 Gamsi - Gamsi V Omaki Voz Na Zlajf

1998 House Around The Clock - Shake #sm Shake (Extended Mix)
Shake (Radio Edit)
Shake (Club Mix)
Shake (Shake Mix)

1998 Jive Bunny - Rock The Party! Money For Nothing

1998 Kandis - Kandis 7 Cannibals

1998 Killer - Bring It On #sm Bring It On (Extended Main Version)
Bring It On (C.K. Remix)
Bring It On (Main Instrumental)
Bring It On (Beats & Pieces)

1998 Killer - Bring It On #pr Bring It On (Radio Mix)

1998 Liam O'Flynn - The Piper's Call An Droichead (The Bridge)

1998 Mary Chapin Carpenter (A Tribute To Tradition #vac) Oh, Lonesome Me

1998 Memphis Roots (Line Dance Session #vac) Cannibals

1998 Pamela (I Love You, vol.1 #vac) Private Dancer

1998 Paul Brooks - Beyond The Sea Going Home

1998 Ray Kelley Band - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Walk Of Life

1998 Royal Trux - Liar #ep Money For Nothing

1998 Soho Strings (Great Film Themes #vac) Going Home

1998 The Brothers In Arms

The Greatest Guitar Hits Of Dire Straits

all tracks

1998 The Moonlight Orchestra - Moods For Lovers Private Dancer

1998 The Sounds Of Romance - Candlelight & Romance Private Dancer

1998 Tim Russ - Only A Dream In Rio Imelda

1998 Waylon Jennings - Closing In On The Fire Be Mine

1998 Zamfir - Die Goldene Panflöte Going Home

1999 Beautifully Mad - Live At Cafe Beyond Romeo And Juliet
Sultans Of Swing

1999 Big Jim Sullivan - Ultimate Rock Guitar Money For Nothing

1999 Charlie Landsborough - Still Can't Say Goodbye Why Worry

1999 Di Maggio Brothers - Rockabilly From The Boots Up Walk Of Life

1999 Erik Van Neygen - Ticket Naar Eden #s Ticket Naar Eden

1999 Giovanni Marradi - Cinema Romance Storybook Love

1999 Jane Horrocks & Mikey Graham

Other Side Of The Moon #pr

Other Side Of The Moon (Original Version)
Other Side Of The Moon (Movie Edit)

1999 Jim Harrison Combo - Tanz-Party, vol.3 Private Dancer

1999 Killer - Bring It On #s Bring It On (Main Version)
Bring It On (C. K.'s Remix)
Bring It On (3 Chords Remix)

1999 Kris Kristofferson - The Austin Sessions Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends

1999 M.P.B. Band - Unplugged, vol.3 Water Of Love

1999 Marc Meersman - Magic Melodies II Why Worry

1999 Nathan Parker - Smooth Sax Local Hero

1999 Saddle Up Oldie-Band - Alte Oldies Walk Of Life

1999 Singing Saints - Yardwork! Walk Of Life

1999 Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats - Motovatin' The Bug

1999 The BB Band - I Will Always Love You Tunnel Of Love

1999 The Brown Derbies - Jericho Romeo And Juliet

1999 The London Rock Orchestra - Plays Dire Straits all tracks

1999 William Tang - Blues Movies Local Hero

1999 Zoran Zorko - Millenium Sultans Of Swing

2000 911 - Mile In Her Shoes Romeo And Juliet

2000 Acoustic Guitar Summit - Summit Meeting Sultans Of Swing

2000 Agents Of Good Roots - Seed Sultans Of Swing

2000 Arianna - Miracle Storybook Love

2000 Bermuda Acoustic Trio - Livin' Studio Water Of Love

2000 BJ & Mac - Clap 'Ya Hands #sm Original Club Mix
Original Radio Mix
Bonito Julio vs. Macalvo Mix
Bonito Julio vs. Macalvo Cut

2000 BJ & Mac - Clap 'Ya Hands #sm Original Club Mix
Bonito Julio vs. Macalvo Mix
Instrumental Club Mix

2000 Bob Rivers - Twisted Tunes, vol.2 Mad Cow Disease

2000 Boney' NEM - The Animal Kingdom Unbreak My Heart

2000 Bruno Bertone Orchestra

Power Of Love: Instrumental Soft Rock

Money For Nothing

2000 Bruno Bertone Orchestra

Time To Say Goodbye: Instrumental Soft Rock

Brothers In Arms

2000 Chantal - Classicals, Traditionals & Populars vol.II Metroland Theme

2000 Cover 4 Cover - Plus Walk Of Life

2000 Damia Timoner - Secrets Why Worry

2000 Die Börsenkracher - Das Aktien Extra Money For Nothing

2000 Dixie Aces - Buenas Noches Ticket To Heaven

2000 Gabriel Crockett - Your Latest Trick #sm Your Latest Trick

2000 Gallahad - Celtic Rock Darling Pretty

2000 Gary Snider - Taste Of Snider Why Worry Now

2000 Gerry Rafferty - Another World All Souls
Sweet Love
Conscious Love

2000 Gordon Pattullo & His Ceilidh Band

A Guid Scots Night

Local Hero (Wild Theme)

2000 Gregorian - Masters Of Chant Brothers In Arms

2000 Hannes Lindstroem - Mazter Guitarz Det Svänger Ett Gäng

2000 Is Ook Schitterend - Investigations all tracks, except:
Voltooid Verleden Tijd

2000 Ivan Drever - Black, White & Blue Brothers In Arms

2000 Jan Kolar - Relax With Instrumental Hits (Oboe) Brothers In Arms

2000 Jazz Culture feat. Snake Davis - Songs Of Tina Turner Private Dancer

2000 Lindisfarne - Buried Treasures, vol.3 Newport Mount Rag

2000 Lynwood Lunsford & The Misty Valley Boys

A Portrait Of The Blues

How Long

2000 Martin Winch - Espresso Guitar Two Local Hero/Private Investigations

2000 Olaf Giebe - Objection Overruled Six Blade Knife

2000 Peter Blanchette - Eight Hundred Years Hec Dies/Iron Hand

2000 Rebecca Storm & Becky Roberts - Why Worry #s Why Worry

2000 Rock Bottom Entertainment - Alligator City Private Dancer

2000 Terry Radigan - Radigan When It Comes To You

2000 The C-Nuts

Blitzkrieg Bop And Other Jazz Mutations

Sultans Of Swing

2000 The Kirkintilloch Band - Summon The Heroes Local Hero

2000 The Serious Ukulele Ensemble - The Instrument Of Love Going Home

2000 The Shadows - Moonlight Shadows Walk Of Life

2000 The Starsound Orchestra

Plays The Hits Made Famous: Tina Turner

Private Dancer

2000 The Stetson Stompers - Modern Country Music Cannibals

2000 The Swing Kings - Another Night On The Town Sultans Of Swing

2000 The Ventures - Acoustic Rock Sultans Of Swing

2000 Trucks Aus Dem Zillertal - Slow It Goes Up Sultans Of Swing

2001 Atlantis - More... Always More Going Home

2001 Big Muffin Serious Band - Heavens To Murgatroyd Los Sultanas Del Swing

2001 Eduardo Sanchez, Corben Cassavette, Joe Carran

The Worlds Greatest Guitar Album

Sultans Of Swing
So Far Away
Walk Of Life

2001 Cosmic Vibes - Wellness Brothers In Arms

2001 Curtis Jensen - From Pulp Till Dawn Six Blade Knife

2001 D.O.C. Sound - Acoustic Machine Sultans Of Swing
Private Investigations

2001 Devitka - Treti Vydani Vrazi Z Donuceni

2001 DJ Mazza - Calling Elvis #sm Calling Elvis (Mazza DJ Extended Mix)
Calling Elvis (Mazza DJ Radio Edit)

2001 George Lee Jr. & The Crazed Cowboys

(Bangs... Sounds Of The 80's #vac)

Walk Of Life

2001 Hannes Lindstroem - Time Is Just A Word Brothers In Arms

2001 Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff - Retro Rocket Science Pharaohs Of Filk

2001 Jools Holland - Small World Big Band Mademoiselle Will Decide

2001 Pihalni Orkester Svea Zagorje - 140 Tina Turner Medley

2001 Robert Krestan A Druha Trava - Best & Last Telegrafni Cesta

2001 Rod Stewart - Human If I Had You

2001 Rotonde Boys - Beautiful Rose A Ticket To Heaven

2001 Shaka - Money For Nothing #sm Money For Nothing

2001 Strings Captains - Brothers In Arms #sm Brothers In Arms (Hardcore ADN Mix)
Brothers In Arms (Hardcore Pentium Mix)
Brothers In Arms (Techno)

2001 Sussi & Leo - The Road Show Walk Of Life

2001 The Blackeyed Susans - Dedicated To The Ones We Love Private Dancer

2001 Tre Bre've - Pa Stere(an) Mitt Eget Paradis

2001 The Elektro Strings (Guitar Mania, vol.12 #vac) Sultans Of Swing
Local Hero

2001 Uncle Bud's 'Lectrowood Experience - Rock Grass Classics Money For Nothing

2001 Various Artists - America's Sweethearts #ost Gravy Train

2001 Various Artists

Good Rockin' Tonight: Legacy Of Sun Records

Don't Be Cruel
Rock'n'Roll Ruby

2001 Various Artists - Timeless: Hank Williams Tribute Lost On The River
Alone And Forsaken

2002 Al Gusto - Saving It Up For Friday Night Sultans Of Swing

2002 Avancada - Money For Nothing (Overdrive) #sm Radio Cut
Original Extended
Marc Van Linden & D-Gor Rmx

2002 Bad Apple - Pillage Private Dancer

2002 Bendix Band - Bendix Band Sultan Of Swing

2002 Bernard Allison - Storms Of Life I Think I Love You Too Much

2002 Bob Rivers - Twisted Tunes, vol.6 I Want My mp3

2002 Carlos Ledo - Made In England Walk Of Life

2002 Clubsuckers - Let There Be Rock #sm Let There Be Rock (Radio Mix)
Let There Be Rock (Extended Mix)
Let There Be Rock (Club Mix)

2002 D.O.C. Sound - Acoustic Machine, vol.2 Money For Nothing
Romeo And Juliet
Going Home

2002 Denise Parker & Friends - The Music Of Tina Turner Private Dancer

2002 Dirk Busch - Seven Plus Seven Are We In Trouble Now

2002 Ellen Gaynor - The Hits Of Tina Turner Private Dancer

2002 Flex Progression (Moods Three #vac) Theme From Local Hero

2002 Gary McEvoy - All My Lovin' Cannibals

2002 Jerry Lynch - The Dimming Of The Day Done With Bonaparte

2002 John Anderson - Anthology When It Comes To You

2002 Jon Wilcox - Song Traveler Golden Heart

2002 Kevin Blechdom - I Heart Presets #ep Private Dancer

2002 Kevin Greaves & John Kearns - Long Haired Country Boys When It Comes To You

2002 Kirsten Winter & Chris Peirce - Any Day Now Why Worry

2002 Lee Fardon - Lost & Found Window Display

2002 Martin Cech - Relax With Instrumental Hits (Pan Pipe) Why Worry

2002 Mike Berry & The Outlaws - Keep Your Hands To Yourself The Bug

2002 Monte Montgomery - Live At Caravan Of Dreams Romeo And Juliet

2002 Niamh Parsons - Heart's Desire Done With Bonaparte

2002 On The Rocks - OTR Romeo And Juliet

2002 PD Project - Guitar #sm Guitar (Club Mix)
Guitar (Bomber Deep Version)

2002 Public Relation - Straight Away #sm Straight Away

2002 Rich Wyman - Live From The Heart Romeo & Juliet

2002 Ryan & Rachel O'Donnell - The Celtic Chillout Album Irish Boy

2002 Sacre - Sacred Land Going Home

2002 Sam Lardner - The Sutton Club Je Suis Desole

2002 Savannah - The Best Of Savannah Ticket To Heaven
Next Time I'm In Town

2002 The Amateurs - Pieces Of Flair Romeo And Juliet

2002 The Big Daddy Bluegrass Band - Big Daddy Bluegrass Band Water Of Love

2002 The Dartmouth Cords - Elements Of Style Romeo And Juliet

2002 The Lo-Fi Kings - Live At The Gallery Cafe I Think I Love You Too Much

2002 The Princeton Tigertones - Old No.27 Romeo And Juliet

2002 The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - Parallel Tracks Going Home

2002 The Stingrays & Mark Lavender - Fifty Fifty Going Home

2002 The Sultans Of Swing - A Tribute To Dire Straits all tracks

2002 The Sultans Of Swing - The Music Of Dire Straits all tracks

2002 TPH - The Instrumental Hits Of Tina Turner Private Dancer

2002 Unknown - Romantic Love Songs, vol.3 Sultans Of Swing

2002 Urban J - Chics 4 Free #sm Chics 4 Free

2002 Veranda Music - Look Of Joy Water Of Love

2002 Vitesse - You Win Again, Gravity! Tunnel Of Love

2002 Zydecoal - Seedy Walk Of Life

2003 1200 Micrograms - Heroes Of The Imagination Acid For Nothing

2003 Alan Merrill - Double Shot Rocks You Better Move On

2003 Ben Morrison - Debut Local Hero

2003 Bermuda Acoustic Trio - Naturally Live Money For Nothing

2003 D.O.C. Sound - Acoustic Machine, vol.3 Why Worry

2003 David Orbach - Halleluyah Batsheva

2003 Edwin McCain - The Austin Sessions Romeo And Juliet

2003 Eight Mockers - Ready To Explode!!! Walk Of Life

2003 Fred Ape - So Läuft Das Eben So Läuft Das Eben

2003 Gangstress-P - The Commission Private Dancer

2003 Gerry Rafferty - All Souls #s All Souls (Radio Edit)
All Souls (Album Version)

2003 Gerry Rafferty - Sweet Love #s Sweet Love (Radio Edit)
Sweet Love (Album Version)

2003 High Altitude - Love Ain't So Easy Cannibals

2003 Jerry O'Reilly - Down From Your Pulpits Done With Bonaparte

2003 Just For Fun - Money For Nothing Money For Nothing (Live)

2003 Kaare Norge - Here Comes The Sun Why Worry

2003 Kenny Rogers - Back To The Well Prairie Wedding

2003 Lame Ducks - Are You Lame Or Something Walk Of Life

2003 Michael Ellis - Perfect Sense Sultans Of Swing
Industrial Disease
On Every Street

2003 Mr. Smooth vs. Myko - BGR, vol.3 (12'' single) Money For Nothing

2003 Not From Concentrate - Straight From The Root Romeo And Juliet

2003 Of Course (Guitar Mania, vol.21 #vac) The Long Road

2003 Pan Pipes - Play The Great Love Songs Romeo And Juliet

2003 Paul Felton - Time Waits For No One Setting Me Up

2003 Pauline Cato, Tom McConville, Terry Docherty

The Great Northern Roadshow

Sailing To Philadelphia

2003 Ricky Gianco (Danni Collaterali #vac) Fratelli Di Guerra

2003 Rob Breese & Doug Rowe - Anytime Now The Next Time I'm In Town

2003 Schreiber & Gfrerer - I'll Fly Away Walk Of Life

2003 Strait House - Money For Nothing #sm Flower's Forbidden Mix
Bootleg Team Remix
Overdose Trance Mix
Alchemic Storm Remix
Tea Bar Cassidy Edit

2003 Tanssiorkesteri Syke - Villit Bootsit Villit Bootsit (Walk Of Life)

2003 The Irish Ensemble - The Celtic Chillout Album The Long Road

2003 The Munros (The Great Wee Tartan Album #vac) Local Hero Theme

2003 The Razorbacks - I'm On Fire Twisting By The Pool

2003 The RedHot Blues - Live I Think I Love You Too Much

2003 Usnagh - The Celtic Enigma Theme From Cal

2003 V/Vm - Help Aphex Twin 4.0 Money 4 Nothing

2003 Virtual Skin - Demo Sultans Of Swing
What It Is

2003 Wanderley Andrade - Minha Cara (Ao Vivo Internacional) Sultans Of Swing
Lady Writer

2003 Whiskey River - Tales From The Swamp The Walk Of Life

2003 William Topley - Sea Fever Sea Fever

2004 68 Special - 68 Special Six Blade Knife
Sultans Of Swing

2004 Andrea Poltronieri - Grande Vitello Your Latest Trick

2004 Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings - Just For A Thrill Disappearing Nightly

2004 Cantara - Letia Diendo Pa Casa

2004 Carol Noonan - Somebody's Darling Brothers In Arms

2004 Celtic Spirit (I Love Scotland #vac) Local Hero Theme

2004 Chris & Siobhan Nelson - Tomorrow's Sun Daddy's Gone To Knoxville

2004 Corleone Family - No-Gutz No-Glory Private Dancer

2004 Druha Trava - Good Morning, Friend What It Is
The Speedway At Nazareth

2004 Elsie White - Coming Up From The Sea Romeo And Juliet

2004 Father Peter - Hard To Tame Money For Nothing

2004 Flex Progression - Guitar Man Money For Nothing
Sultans Of Swing

2004 Global Kryner - Global Kryner Private Dancer

2004 Hamish Munro (Echoes In The Glen #vac) Going Home

2004 Heavy Fuel - A Tribute To Dire Straits all tracks

2004 Ian Scott - 16 Tracks Live Walk Of Life

2004 John Fogerty - Deja Vu All Over Again Nobody's Here Anymore

2004 Jorcx - Doble Joc Romeu I Julieta

2004 Klaus & Servants - Beach Party Twist Medley

2004 Larry Green - Unforgettable Walk Of Life

2004 Lionel Vinyl

(As Heard On Radio Soundhog, vol.4 #vac)

Dire Bass (Soundhog Re-Make)

2004 Mark Wright - Sun Studio, April 21st 2004 Calling Elvis

2004 Mike Denver - Wings To Fly The Walk Of Life

2004 Pan Pipes - Romantic Panpipes Candle In The Wind Private Dancer

2004 Peter Brady - Living On Love Ticket To Heaven

2004 Sacre (Simply Rock Moods #vac) Local Hero
Sultans Of Swing

2004 Sly & Robbie (Is It Rolling Bob? #vac) I And I (Reggae Remix)
I And I (Dub Version)

2004 Sugar Pine - Sugar Pine Water Of Love

2004 Top Cats - A Damn Good Girl Walk Of Life

2004 Unknown - Zoom Platinum Artists, vol.82 Walk Of Life
Sultans Of Swing
So Far Away
Money For Nothing
Romeo And Juliet
Lady Writer
Sailing To Philadelphia

2004 Wyndfall - A Second Wynd Iron Hand

2004 Zoe McCulloch - Gypsy Noodle What It Is
Sailing To Philadelphia
Sultans Of Swing

2005 1200 Micrograms - Live In Brazil Money For Nothing

2005 2+2 - Single Autumn
Autumn (Mix)

2005 Alex De Grassi

(Cinema: A Windham Hill Collection #vac)

Theme From The Princess Bride

2005 AMV - Money 4 Nothing #sm Money 4 Nothing (AMV)
Money 4 Nothing (F.Y.B.O.)

2005 Aston Martinez (Nachtschicht, vol.17 #vac) Money For Nothing (Club Mix)

2005 B.B. King & Friends - 80 All Over Again

2005 Beat Sleyer - Money For Nothing #sm Money For Nothing (Beat Sleyer Remix)

2005 Blue Highway - Marbletown Marbletown

2005 Bred - Bred 2 #sm MTV

2005 Bull Don And The Moose Nuggets - 'til The Wee Hours Walk Of Life

2005 C5 Joyriders - Stand Up Straight #pr Stand Up Straight (Original Mix)
Stand Up Straight (Freefunkt Remix)

2005 Chris Sexton - Coffee At Midnight Sailing To Philadelphia

2005 Crystal Lynn - It's More Fun To Be A Girl The Bug

2005 Danni Carlos - Rock 'n' Road All Night Money For Nothing

2005 Deep Dish vs. Dire Straits - Flashing For Money #sm Flashing For Money (Sultan Radio Edit)
Flashing For Money (Sultan Club Mix)

2005 Die Ministranten - Offenbarung Romeo And Juliet

2005 Greg Argo - Barking Up AN Abstract Tree Money For Nothing

2005 Guitar Orchestra - Arpeggio Gitarzenekar: Barangolas Why Worry

2005 Guns 'n' Lawyers - HV Rock Cafe Money For Nothing

2005 Jasy Andrews - Little Girl Private Dancer

2005 John Kane - The Greatest Dance Party Ever Twisting By The Pool

2005 Johnny 'Guitar' King - Pop Masters, vol.2 #ep Ticket To Heaven
Walk Of Life
Sultans Of Swing
Money For Nothing
Calling Elvis

2005 Jon Galen - Mixed Bag Wild West End

2005 Kevin Evans - Live At The Marine Romeo And Juliet

2005 Lazza - Sucessos Acusticos Internacional 80's Sultans Of Swing

2005 Lions Of Swing

(Torre Alfina Blues Festival '05 #vac)

Set Me Up
Callin' Elvis

2005 Lonnie Knight - Better Days Stand Up Guy

2005 Maddy Prior & The Girls - Under The Covers Paraguay

2005 Mike Merritt & Mharlyn Merritt - Alone Together Fade To Black

2005 Nicki French (Gayfest 2005 #vac) Private Dancer (Ross Alexander Soho Mix)

2005 Nikos Tsiamtsikas - Messing With The Blues Six Blade Knife

2005 No Age Limit - Born To Be Wild Sultans Of Swing

2005 Noir - My MTV #sm My MTV (Original Mix)
My MTV (Public Domain Remix)
My MTV (Public Domain Dub Remix)

2005 Noir - My MTV #s My MTV (Radio Edit)
My MTV (Club Mix)
My MTV (Decaff Remix)

2005 Otterman Empire - Texas Radio #sm Private Land

2005 Peter Williams - Memories Walk Of Life

2005 Positive Orchestra X - P.O.X. Money For Nothing

2005 Salsa Rosso - The Guitar Collection (Blues) Baloney Again

2005 Slic One - My Mind's State Private Gangsta

2005 Sosumi vs. Floorshaker - Deeper #sm Sultans Of Swing (Donk Mix)
Sultans Of Swing (Scouse Mix)

2005 T.Turner Band - Plays Best Of Tina Turner Private Dancer

2005 Tall Paul - Fast Beneath My Feet Romeo And Juliet

2005 The Jeff Healey Band - Live At Montreux 1999 I Think I Love You Too Much

2005 The New Vintage Blues Band - Blues And Stuff Sultans Of Swing
Down To The Waterline

2005 The Rainbow Orchestra - Sax For Sex, vol.3 Your Latest Trick

2005 The Rockorchestra (80's Hits #vac) Sultans Of Swing

2005 Toni Rico & Coco DJ - Sultanes #sm Sultanes
Sultanes Sax Version

2005 Tugores - Jantar Com Inspiraçao Theme From Local Hero

2005 Ulita Knaus - Sea Journey Money For Nothing

2005 Unknown - Simply The Best Sax: The Hits Of Tina Turner Private Dancer

2005 Various Artists

Hommage Au Roi Du Rock'n'Roll (Live At Abbey Road)

Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Let's Play House

2005 Walter Chancellor Jr.

Smooth Sax Tribute To Tina Turner

Private Dancer

2005 Yonderboi - Splendid Isolation Follow Me Home

2005 Zarkus Poussa - FIM Hits Money For Nothing

2005 Zucchero - The Ultimate Duets Collection Who Will The Next Fool Be

2006 Arnold Jackson - More Real Danger Blues Private Dancer

2006 Bathtub Dogs - Outloud Romeo And Juliet

2006 Cleve Francis - Storytime Sailing To Philadelphia
Baloney Again

2006 Dan King - Light City Live Romeo And Juliet

2006 DJ Andrey Vakulenko - Rock DJ Money For Nothing (ID Remix)

2006 Dragseth Duo - The Promised Shore Sailing To Philadelphia

2006 Edinho Santa Cruz E Banda - Na Estrada Do Rock Sultans Of Swing

2006 Fernando Ingles & Pipe - Pipe Demo Sultans Of Swing

2006 Gemma Turvey - Standing Local Hero/Going Home Theme

2006 Gennaro Cosmo Parlato - Remainders Private Dancer

2006 Godewind - Richtung Norden Going Home (Theme From Local Hero)

2006 Gol Nord - Llevant U.E. Rock 'n' Oi! Johnny Llevant

2006 Hat Trick - A Retrospective Water Of Love

2006 Hellfish - Now That's What I Call Hellfish! #ep Money For Fish

2006 J&B - Gift Local Hero

2006 Jana Light - Other Side Of Heartache All That Matters

2006 Jerzy Murek - Hit Parade Mix 2 (Walk Of Life)

2006 Jimmy Buffett - Take The Weather With You Whoop De Doo

2006 Jools Holland - Moving Out To The Country You Win Again

2006 Matt Nathanson - At The Point Romeo And Juliet

2006 Michael Ellis - In Between Beeps Romeo And Juliet

2006 Noir - My MTV Remixes #sm My MTV (Raul Rincon Remix)
My MTV (Tune Brothers Remix)
My MTV (Wawa Club Mix)
My MTV (Beatchuggers Remix)

2006 Noir - My MTV Remixes #sm My MTV (Ian Carey Remix)
My MTV (Chris Lake Remix)
My MTV (D. Ramirez Remix)

2006 Noir - My MTV Remixes #sm My MTV (Paul Harris Remix)
My MTV (Tri Lambda Remix)
My MTV (Ian Carey Remix)
My MTV (Original Dub Mix)

2006 Paris To Berlin - Dire Straits #sm Dire Straits (Bounce Remix)

2006 Paul Burch - East To West Before The Bells

2006 Ray Hamilton Orchestra - Solid Gold Of The 80's Private Dancer

2006 Renee Tannenbaum - Sway Why Worry

2006 Robert Chojnacki & Ryszard Rynkowski - Saxophonic Your Latest Trick

2006 Salvatore Marletta - Quel Che Non Ti Ho Detto Mai Walk Of Life

2006 Stephen King - Echo Princess Bride

2006 Steve Lieberman The Gangsta Rabbi - Jewish Pirate Expresso Love

2006 Steve Lieberman The Gangsta Rabbi - Melancholia Falling Tunnel Of Love

2006 Studio Group - A Tribute To Tina Turner, vol.1 Private Dancer

2006 Stunned Parrots - Pining For The Fjords Brothers In Arms

2006 Tartan Terrors - Who's Your Paddy Romeo And Juliet

2006 The Gary Tesca Orchestra - Italian Nights Sorridi

2006 The Travellers - Acoustic On The Road Sultans Of Swing

2006 TNT - Eu & Tu Strada Mea

2006 Tony & Carol Western - Sing Country The Next Time I'm In Town

2006 Tony Joe White - Not One Bad Thought #s Not One Bad Thought (Radio Edit)
Not One Bad Thought (Full Length)

2006 Tony Joe White - Uncovered Not One Bad Thought

2006 Train Wreck - On The Radio, vol.1 Down To The Waterline

2006 Unknown - Essential 80's Chillout Brothers In Arms

2006 Various Artists - A Prairie Home Companion: Duets Next Time I'm In Town

2006 Wicks - Wicked Compilation Private Dancer

2006 Whisperado - Some Other Place #ep The Bug

2007 Album (European World Of Bluegrass #vac) Marbletown

2007 Andy Hill & Renee Safier & Hard Rain

Hurricane Of The Heart

Romeo And Juliet

2007 Andy Owens - A Melody For You Sailing To Philadelphia

2007 Aston Martinez - You Wanna #sm Extended Mix
Instrumental Club Mix
Klaas Remix
Klaas Dub Remix
Instrumental Big Room Mix

2007 Biker Brothers Band - Guitar Classics, vol.1 Sultans Of Swing

2007 Blackie Swart - Anderkant Die Blou Berge Walk Of Life
Money For Nothing
Sultans Of Swing
So Far Away
Why Worry

2007 Camilla Linden & Ballroom Blitz - Byggd För Nöjen Private Dancer

2007 Carlinhos Borba Gato - Banda Sao Paulo Country Walk Of Life

2007 Catherine Simoni - Home To Me Your Latest Trick

2007 Dave Pegg & PJ Wright - Galileo's Apology Donegan's Gone

2007 Die Campbells - Klein Bietjie Liefde Walk Of Life

2007 DJ Schmolli - Schnipseljagd, vol.5 Sultans Of Titties

2007 Erik Balkey - Deadpan Alley The Last Laugh

2007 Francesca - Well, This Is Me... This Is Us
If This Is Goodbye

2007 Gilles David Orchestra - Maxi Tubes, vol.6 Calling Elvis

2007 Good As Gold (Tales From Top Billin #vac) Money For Nothing

2007 Graveheart - Return Of The Curse Of The Creature's Ghost Money For Nothing

2007 Inishkea - Love In The Afternoon Romeo And Juliet

2007 Jean-Pierre Danel - Guitar Connection 2 Medley 2 (Money For Nothing)

2007 John E. Flamingeaux - The Dreams That Come With Cheese The Fighter

2007 John Illsley With Cunla & Greg Pearle

Live In Les Baux De Provence

Expresso Love
Six Blade Knife
Sultans Of Swing
Going Home
Once Upon A Time In The West
Walk Of Life
Where Do You Think You're Going
Money For Nothing

2007 Juice Windscreen (Midnight Karaoke #vac) Money For Nothing

2007 Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch

When Good Things Happen To Bad Pianos

Private Dancer

2007 Lonnie Knight - I Wrote My Name On You Romeo And Juliet

2007 Love Is All - Plays 5 Covers #ep So Far Away

2007 Mambo Kurt - Spiel Heimorgel, Spiel Private Dancer

2007 Noir - My MTV New Remixes #sm My MTV (The Dolphins Remix)
My MTV (Raul Rincon Remix)
My MTV (Granite & Phunk Remix)
My MTV (Charles Dockins Remix)
My MTV (Beatchuggers Remix)
My MTV (Bryan Dalton & Baggi B. Remix)
My MTV (Wawa Remix)
My MTV (G.I.C. Remix)
My MTV (Patrick La Funk Remix)
My MTV (Screamheads Remix)

2007 Northern Kings - Reborn Brothers In Arms

2007 Pat Surface - May The Forest Be With You Our Shangri-La

2007 Pat Thomas - 0 To 60 In 48 Minutes Walk Of Life

2007 Ron Evans Trio - Live In Austria Six Blade Knife

2007 Shooter Jennings - The Wolf Walk Of Life

2007 Shooter Jennings - Walk Of Life #s Walk Of Life (Radio Version)

2007 Steve Knightley - Cruel River Romeo And Juliet

2007 The Figs - The Figs Daddy's Gone To Knoxville

2007 The Killers - Romeo And Juliet #pr Romeo And Juliet

2007 The Korgis - Folk & Pop Classics Why Worry

2007 The Parody Brothers - Golf Rock: Shooting In The 70s Sultans Of Swing

2007 The Reconsidered - No Expectations Six Blade Knife

2007 The Sevens - Valiant Brothers In Arms

2007 Tich Frier - Shanghaied Sailing To Philadelphia

2007 Tommy Fleming - A Journey Home Cal/Local Hero

2007 Valentine Green - Baby Boomer's Wonderful World Walk Of Life

2007 Wave Revue Singers & Dancers - The Beat Goes On Money For Nothing

2008 Acustica - Downstairs Live Sultans Of Swing

2008 Adriana - 14 Beautiful Violin Pieces Going Home

2008 AJ - Teddy Ruxpins, Rubik's Cubes & Friends I Want My MTV

2008 Bellavista Orchestra

Instrumentally Yours: The Music Of Tina Turner

Private Dancer

2008 Belshazzar's Feast - The Food Of Love Cal

2008 Black Dyke Band - Screen Blockbusters Going Home

2008 Black Hills Country Band - Twenty Five Red Staggerwing
Walk Of Life

2008 Blackjack - Blackjack Sultans Of Swing

2008 Blue Collar Criminals - Kindred Spirits & Unheard Cries Walk Of Life

2008 Bob McNeill - Following Distance I Dug Up A Diamond

2008 Bucyrus Erie - Silo Once Upon A Time In The West

2008 Carlzvärds & Thor Wang - Carlzvärds Ticket To Heaven

2008 Celtic Spirit - Celtic Journey Irish Boy

2008 Celtic Thunder - Celtic Thunder Brothers In Arms
Cal/Local Hero

2008 Cicci Guitar Condor - Sulle Ali Della Musica, vol.7 Going Home

2008 Crew 7 - Money For Nothing #sm Radio Edit
Extended Version
Tim Verba Canadian Radio Cut
Tim Verba Canadian Remix
Tim Verba Radio Cut
Tim Verba Remix
Alex Gap meets Calla McLoud Radio Cut
Alex Gap meets Calla McLoud Remix

2008 Crew 7 - Money For Nothing Remixes #sm Brisby & Jingles Radio Edit
Brisby & Jingles Remix
Frank Eikam Radio Edit
Frank Eikam Remix

2008 D.O.C. Sound - Five Down To The Waterline
Sultans Of Swing 2007
Brothers In Arms

2008 Dave Wooley - Pour It Black When It Comes To You

2008 Deryn Trainer - Deryn Trainer Going Home

2008 Dixie Aces - Just Live Walk Of Life

2008 Emily Stone - Private Dancer #s Private Dancer

2008 Fred Ape & Rudi Mika - Zeit Wir Sind Das

2008 George Jones

Burn Your Playhouse Down: The Unreleased Duets

I Always Get Lucky With You

2008 Ghetto - Freedom Of Speech Brothers In Arms

2008 Guy Fletcher - Inamorata Different World

2008 Harriet Frost - Random Days Romeo And Juliet

2008 Iwan - Rhythm Is My Business Money For Nothing

2008 J Goodin - Live Eleven Five The Man's Too Strong

2008 Jan Utbult, Pia Ahlund, Nimrod De Broen

Spela Ukulele 1

Walk Of Life

2008 John Legend - Evolver I Love, You Love

2008 Jon Allen (The Bablake Sessions #vac) Sarah (Acoustic Version)

2008 Jorcx - Aposta Per Knopfler all tracks

2008 Jude Davison - Bread & Bones Why Worry

2008 Kirsten Pecoraro - Rock Pop Classics Private Dancer

2008 KMT - Waterproof London Finally Down To The Waterline

2008 L'Os Clodos - Yeaah!! Money For Nothing

2008 Los Fancy Free - Nevergreens, vol.2 Sultans Of Swing

2008 Maggie's Guitar - Maggie's Guitar Sailing To Philadelphia

2008 Montana Soul - First Light Water Of Love

2008 Northern Lights - One Day Sailing To Philadelphia

2008 Out And Runnin' Band - Out And Runnin' When It Comes To You

2008 Paul Green - Pop Classics, vol.1 Walk Of Life

2008 Paul Green - Pop Classics, vol.4 Money For Nothing

2008 Randy Russell - Songs I Love To Sing Sultans Of Swing

2008 Reimano - Best Of Romantic Songs Brothers In Arms

2008 Ricky Lee - Back In Time Ticket To Heaven

2008 Santi Caballero - Take Off Local Hero

2008 Slowblow (Hidden Hive's Kissing Kin #s) Brothers In Arms

2008 Sonny Landreth - From The Reach Blue Tarp Blues

2008 The Dandy Warhols - Earth To The Dandy Warhols Love Song

2008 The Hollywood Orchestra - Cine 3 Local Hero (Going Home)

2008 The Millionaires - Sentimental Horses Your Own Sweet Way

2008 The Original Movies Orchestra

Hits From Blockbuster Movies, vol.7

Going Home (Local Hero)

2008 The Rock Heroes - Top Rock Instrumentals Sultans Of Swing

2008 The Smooth Sax Players

The Greatest Smooth Sax Collection

Local Hero

2008 The Tesca Sound Machine - Best Of 80's, vol.6 Money For Nothing

2008 The Tesca Sound Machine - Best Of 80's, vol.7 Private Dancer

2008 The Tex Pistols Band - Fully Loaded Water Of Love

2008 Thomas Maguire & Fhiona Ennis - We're Still Together Cannibals

2008 Tom McConville - Tommy On Song Why Aye Man

2008 Tugores - Imatges De Knopfler all tracks

2008 Two For The Road - Got To Go Walk Of Life

2008 Unknown - Private Dancer #sm Private Dancer (Vocal Mix)
Private Dancer (Instrumental Mix)

2008 Uplift Mofo Party Plan - Unplanned Sultans Of Swing (J.C. Solo)

2009 Andy Ryan (Music For Thanksgiving #vac) Going Home

2009 Antonio Del Sordo - Bossa Dorado So What/Sultans Of Swing

2009 Bill Evans & Megan Lynch - Let's Do Something Song For Sonny Liston

2009 Bill Stewart - On Top Of The World Your Own Sweet Way

2009 Bo Katzman Chor - Gospel Locomotion Ticket To Heaven

2009 CEO (Just Dance: Top 40 Club Tracks #vac) Money For Nothing (AC/DC Voltage Mix)

2009 Chantal - Classicals, Traditionals & Populars vol.III Golden Heart

2009 Chris Smither - Time Stands Still Madame Geneva's

2009 Club For Five - You're The Voice Brothers In Arms

2009 Coles Whalen - The Whistle Stop Road Record Romeo And Juliet (Live)

2009 DJ Aristocat - Wonderland I Get Money For Nothing (Loot Remix)

2009 DJ Groobass - Infected 5peaker5 Money For Nothing Rmx

2009 Donnez - De E Du Ticket To Heaven

2009 Emily Wilson - Emily Wilson #ep The Bug

2009 Flamenco Guitar Masters - Flamenco Guitar Classics Sultans Of Swing

2009 Flo Rida - R.O.O.T.S. Gotta Get It (Dancer)

2009 Flo Rida - Sugar / Gotta Get It #sm Gotta Get It (Instrumental)

2009 Grandpa Nick Sessieband - Don't Stop Private Dancer

2009 Gretta Ziller - Gretta Ziller #ep Your Own Sweet Way

2009 Guy Fletcher - Stone #ep Inamorata (Remix)

2009 Hardwater - Osmosis What It Is

2009 Helm & Heik - Strike Back Local Hero

2009 Julia Lane

Going Home: Thanksgiving Music For Celtic Harp

Going Home

2009 Just John - Workin' On Dreams I'm The Fool

2009 KnightsBridge - Guitar Rock 70s, vol.6 Sultans Of Swing

2009 KnightsBridge - Guitar Rock 80s, vol.7 Money For Nothing

2009 Le-Gabs - Lucky One Vi Ses En Anden Gang

2009 Leo Giannetto's Jazz Project - Pop Jazz Performances Sultans Of Swing

2009 Lisa Mitchell (Triple J: Like A Version Five #vac) Romeo And Juliet

2009 Lynn Manderson - Somebody's Girl #ep Whoop De Doo

2009 M.P. Project - Dance Compilation Your Latest Trick

2009 Mark & The Slum Dogs - The Black Room Destitute Six Blade Knife

2009 Martin O'Sullivan - Que Sera Sera Your Own Sweet Way

2009 Maurizio Colonna - Rock Waves Private Investigations

2009 Plastic - P.O.P. Money For Nothing

2009 Red The Black Blonde - Chameleon, vol.2 Private Dancer 2

2009 Rhetoric Disguise - Greatest Hits Money For Nothing

2009 Rock Feast - Rockin' All Over The World On Every Street

2009 Søren Bødker Madsen - Acoustic Guitar Local Hero

2009 Spirit Of Rock - 28 Rock Classics (Instrumental Versions) Sultans Of Swing

2009 Steve & Heather - Country Party Walk Of Life

2009 Studio Allstars - The Hits Collection 80's Money For Nothing

2009 The Bastard Suns - Here Come The Suns Walk Of Life

2009 The Coal Mountain Ramblers - Live In Concert 2008 Brothers In Arms

2009 The Coal Mountain Ramblers - The Peabody Sessions Calling Elvis

2009 The Del McCoury Band - Family Circle Prairie Wedding

2009 The Diamond Family Archive - The Wanderer Romeo And Juliet

2009 The Eighty Group - 80's Pop Walk Of Life

2009 The Future Hit Makers - Today's Biggest Hits Border Reiver
Border Reiver (Singalong Version)

2009 The Hollywood Band - Box Office Hits, vol.8 Tunnel Of Love

2009 The Hotwires - Live At Grey Eagle & Studio Demo Water Of Love

2009 The Low Key Family - Rishaug Spanish Jack

2009 The New Synthesizer Experience

Instrumental Hits Of Tina Turner

Private Dancer

2009 Volkwin & Co. - Come Together Water Of Love

2009 Whalebone - There To Here Sultans Of Swing

2009 Wight Hot Pipes - The Road Ahead Going Home
Border Reiver

2009 Zweckinger - No A Liadl Romeo And Juliet

2010 Alex Cornish (Dermot O'Leary: The Saturday Sessions #vac) Brothers In Arms

2010 Alice Altink & Han Hesselink - Heel Je Hart Why Worry

2010 Andrea Valeri - Maybe Sultans Of Swing

2010 Andy Clayburn - Just Hanging Out #ep Romeo And Juliet

2010 Atlantis - More And More Great Guitar Instrumentals Sultans Of Swing

2010 Bernard Bess Orchestra - Film Parade, vol.2 Darling Pretty

2010 Beyond The Pale - Paleontology Sailing To Philadelphia

2010 Blue System (Vintage Cafe, vol.3 #vac) Sultans Of Swing

2010 Burt Blanca - Soft Hard Rock Sultans Of Swing

2010 Chet Atkins - Certified Guitar Player all tracks, except:
Waltz For The Lonely
I Still Can't Say Goodbye

2010 Dario Nuñez, Oscar Cano, Freddy Marquez

Money For Nothing #s

Money For Nothing (Original Mix)

2010 Daylight Sucks - Being Sick Means Being Cool Sultans Of Swing (Instrumental Cover)

2010 Duck International Ensemble - 70' 80' Compilation, vol.3 Darling Pretty
Sultans Of Swing

2010 Estes Shane Whalen - The Elsby Shore Brothers In Arms

2010 Feeling - Feeling Chillout Men's Hits Brothers In Arms

2010 Feeling - Feeling Chillout Reggae Hits Money For Nothing

2010 Flora T. (Woman In Love #vac) Private Dancer

2010 G.O.D. - Triskel Calling Elvis

2010 Gent Del Desert - Celebracio De La Tempesta Aigua D'Amor

2010 Georg Wadenius - Reconnection Brothers In Arms

2010 Gordon Mark Webber - In The Detail Sultans Of Swing

2010 High Oaks Symphony Pop Orchestra

A Tribute To Tina Turner

Private Dancer

2010 Javier Malosetti - Ten Money For Nothing

2010 JD & The Straight Shot - Daily News Blues Nobody's Got The Gun

2010 Jimmy Webb - Just Across The River By The Time I Get To Phoenix

2010 John Illsley - Streets Of Heaven #s Streets Of Heaven (Radio Edit)

2010 John Illsley - Streets Of Heaven Streets Of Heaven
Only Time Will Tell

2010 Jon Allen - When The Morning Comes #s Sarah

2010 Karl Scott - Rewards Brothers In Arms

2010 Kenny Paul - Sunnyside Of The Mountain Cannibals

2010 KMT - Waterproof London (The Instrumentals) Finally Down To The Waterline

2010 La Retroband - Celebremos Seleccion 4

2010 Liam O'Connor - Tico Mystico Local Hero

2010 Linda Lewis (Solitaire Emotion #vac) Private Dancer

2010 Manuel Granada - Guitar In Spain: Acoustic Guitar Hits Sultans Of Swing

2010 Mark Bender - Irgendjemand Are We In Trouble Now
I'm The Fool

2010 Mark Straight (Love Lounge Deluxe #vac) Private Investigations (Chill Mix)

2010 Mati Haskell - 10, 2 & 6 Fade To Black

2010 Max Stenz - Silver Wings The Next Time I'm In Town

2010 Mike Lane - Country, vol.2 Cannibals

2010 Mike Lane - Sixties & Irish, vol.5 Walk Of Life

2010 Miss Behavin' - Under Covers Part I The Bug
The Bug (Karaoke with Backing Vocal)
The Bug (Karaoke without Backing Vocal)

2010 Muriel Anderson & John Doan - Harp Guitars Under The Stars Why Worry

2010 Neema - Watching You Think Romeo And Juliet

2010 Out Of Alba - Nithi Sessions Brothers In Arms

2010 Pamela Polland & Dick Tilton - Jammin' #ep Golden Heart

2010 Picking Splinters feat. Vanson MC & Iona Rowan

(The World Citizens Sessions #vac)

Brothers In Arms

2010 Pro Leisure - Live At The Farm Six Blade Knife

2010 Ritchie Lloyd - A Tribute To The Everly Brothers, vol.2 Why Worry

2010 Rob Aptheker - The Best Of (So Far!) Money For Nothing

2010 Ryan Humbert & Emily Bates - Tell Me What You See Why Worry

2010 Ses Snare - Live At The Performer Theatre Sultans Of Swing (Live)

2010 Shaden Garett & The 12 Midnights

Shaden Garett & The 12 Midnights

Headphones (Money For Nothing)

2010 Shahin - Next To You Sultans Of Swing

2010 Shawn Ishimoto

John Valentine pres. My Kine of Music, vol.2

Sailing To Philadelphia

2010 Show Of Hands - Covers 2 Tunnel Of Love

2010 Stargazer - The Changeling Twisting By The Pool

2010 Studio Sound Group - Tina Turner: Backing Tracks Private Dancer

2010 Susan Ashton (Die Schönsten Duette Der Welt #vac) If This Was A Dream

2010 Tanto Project - Perfect Colors Days & Nights (Original Mix)
Days & Nights (Radio Version)

2010 Tempogutan - Varsol Neddi Dalen Walk Of Life

2010 The Bar-Steward Sons Of Val Doonican - Back To The 80's Walk Of Life

2010 The Chap - Your Latest Breakdown #ep Your Latest Trick

2010 The Cottars - Feast Fare Thee Well Northumberland

2010 The Final Year - Silence & Reflections #ep Money For Nothing

2010 The Inflections - Shaken But Not Stirred Brothers In Arms

2010 The Jurassicasters - The Jurassicasters Sultans Of Swing

2010 The Oxo Cubans - Live At Isis Setting Me Up

2010 The Smithixs - Sax & Trombone Play The Hits 2 Sultans Of Swing

2010 The Splinter Group - Sunshine After Rain Why Worry

2010 The Vintage Country Rock Band - A Nos Legendes Ticket To Heaven

2010 Thomas Dolby - Amerikana #ep 17 Hills

2010 Todd Koal - Spirit Is Flow Romeo And Juliet

2010 Trevor Sewell - Others In Arms Tunnel Of Love
Sultans Of Swing
Down To The Waterline

2010 Various Artists - Muzyka Relaksacyjna Why Worry

2010 Volker Fisher - Nightingales Will Sing No More Marbletown

2010 Von Spar & Ken - Yes We Ken Brothers In Arms

2010 Wedding Music Project (Steve Millikan)

Classic Love Songs

Storybook Love

2010 Wille & The Bandits - New Breed Money For Nothing

2011 Actual Phantom - Slim Breaks #ep Money For Funk

2011 America - Back Pages Sailing To Philadelphia

2011 Andy Clayburn - Old Amsterdam #ep Sultans Of Swing

2011 Angels Of Mercy - Tribute Demo Album Down To The Waterline
Setting Me Up
Once Upon A Time In The West
Sultans Of Swing
Sultans Of Swing (Studio Version)

2011 Angie Handley - Brothers In Arms #s Brothers In Arms

2011 Apache - Concierto 30 Aniversario Sultans Of Swing

2011 ApologetiX - Wise Up And Rock Monkeys For Uncles

2011 Bay Side Wreckers - Wreckanomics Mashtape Financial Revue vs. Dire Straits

2011 Ben Rudnick & Friends

Live In Lexington, Under The Copper Beech

Walk Of Life

2011 Bo Walton - 'S Too Much #s Hey Mister Night

2011 Brendan Boogie - I Hate New York #ep So Far Away

2011 Caldonia Dream Men - Caldonia Dream Men Sultans Of Swing

2011 Cheeky Spanks - Under The Covers Sultans Of Swing

2011 Chris Barber - Memories Of My Trip Blues Stay Away From Me
Dallas Rag
The Next Time I'm In Town

2011 Coast - Heartpieces Water Of Love

2011 David Carreira & Gabriela Barros

(Morangos Com Açucar Escola De Talentos, vol.4 #vac)

Romeo And Juliet

2011 David Moore - Pure Moods 2 Private Investigations

2011 Diane Schuur - The Gathering Healing Hands Of Time

2011 Dory Levin - Rock Countdown: The Very Best Mix 5 Money For Nothing

2011 Dr. Bluegrass & The Illbilly 8

Something Old, New, Borrowed And Blue

Money For Nothing

2011 Dr. K - Long Way Home Walk Of Life

2011 Drvo Truo - Reprodukcija Calling Elvis

2011 Finn - I Wish I Was Someone Else Private Dancer

2011 Francesca - Loose Ends Rollin' On
Why Worry
Red Staggerwing
I Dug Up A Diamond
All That Matters
All The Roadrunning
Right Now

2011 Frank Radice - Odyssey Sultans Of Swing

2011 Fritz Von Runte - Redesigns Why Worry (Extended Design)

2011 Garrison Keillor & Sara Watkins

(A Prairie Home Companion: Summer Love #vac)

Why Worry

2011 Gene Stovall - 2+2=5 Alpha Jive Arithmetic

2011 George Rose - Boneyard Boulevard Ragpicker's Dream

2011 Ghost Town Trio - No Tits But Hits Money For Nothing

2011 Graham Gillot Band - Guitar Legends Dire Straits Medley

2011 Greg Brown - Freak Flag Flat Stuff

2011 Igor Presnyakov - Acoustic Rock Ballads Brothers In Arms

2011 In The Country - Sounds And Sights Brothers In Arms

2011 Jack Hamilton - Now And Then Quality Shoe

2011 Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse - The Laverock Sang Sailing To Philadelphia

2011 John Cadley And Cathy Wenthen - Beneath The Willow Red Staggerwing

2011 John McDermott - Easy Listening Songs Next Time I'm In Town

2011 Michael Angelo - You Name It Song For Sonny Liston

2011 Numbnuts

Smokey The Salmon & Horny Mermaids Of Detention

Satans Of Swing

2011 Paul Burgess - Romeo And Juliet #s Romeo And Juliet

2011 Pieta Brown - Mercury So Many Miles

2011 Ray Rolen - Desperately Seeking Lodi, Again Madame Geneva's

2011 Roberto Tarenzi - Involving, Evolving, Revolving The Man's Too Strong

2011 Skinny Jesus - God Damn Saviour Money For Nothing

2011 Sunjay Brayne - Seems So Real Golden Heart

2011 The Byron Berline Band - Runaway When It Comes To You

2011 The Delta Project - Freedom Walk Of Life

2011 The Diamond Family Archive - Monthly EP Project (June) Brothers In Arms
Walk Of Life

2011 The Macs (Soundtrackers Acoustic Anthems #vac) Brothers In Arms

2011 The Poor Taters - Live At The Tater Patch Money For Nothing

2011 The Violet Green - In-Progress Demos #s Money For Nothing

2011 Thomas Dolby - A Map Of The Floating City 17 Hills
17 Hills (Instrumental Version)
17 Hills (Demo Version)

2011 Tom O'Donnell & The Bittersweet Band - Higher Ground Done With Bonaparte

2011 Toris Badic (Groove Rock #vac) Nothing For Money (Original Mix)

2011 Torstein Sodal - Our Story Brothers In Arms

2011 Will Hanbury Jr. - Souvenir The Bug

2012 Acido Guarani - A Donde Esta El Roke Starr #ep Los Sultanes Del Swing

2012 ACK!!! - Cocksnogger #ep Oh, So Selfish

2012 Adam Martin - Romeo And Juliet #s Romeo And Juliet

2012 Adels - Fuck Around... Europe Walk Of Life

2012 Alan Tompkins - No Part Of Nothin' When It Comes To You

2012 Anaïs - A L'Eau De Javel Danseuse Privee

2012 Bap Kennedy - The Sailor's Revenge Shimnavale
Lonely No More
The Right Stuff
Please Return To Jesus
The Sailor's Revenge
Working Man
Celtic Sea
Into The Arms Of Love

2012 Bertie Higgins - Year Of The Dragon Money For Nothing

2012 Bo Walton - Waiting On A Dream Miss You Bad

2012 Chris Botti - Impressions What A Wonderful World

2012 Claes Van Der Ster - Claes Van Der Ster Border Reiver

2012 Copywrite - God Save The King Yo! MTV Raps! (Money For Nothing)

2012 Daniel Nahmod - Mellow Time Why Worry

2012 Danny John - Make Out Party The Man's Too Strong

2012 De Regahs - Lekkah De Sultans Van De Flamingo

2012 Diagonal Man - Paper + Glue #ep Romeo + Juliet

2012 Diggler And The Bugman - Can't You See? Brothers In Arms

2012 Doc Bones & The Rattlesnakes - The Road You Choose Our Shangri-La

2012 Expanders - Studioversionen Brothers In Arms

2012 Gepetto - Closed Aerial One World

2012 Konekt & Rich Resonate vs. Ben Stevens

The Knopfler Effect #s

The Knopfler Effect

2012 Lil' Spade - Still... Spade'z Inauguration Private Dancer

2012 Love Canon - Greatest Hits, vol.2 Money For Nothing

2012 Manyus & DJ Troby - Our Latest Trick #s Our Latest Trick (Original Mix)
Our Latest Trick (Intro Sax Mix)

2012 Michael Fix - Time Lines Water Of Love

2012 Michael Stanley - The Hang Romeo And Juliet

2012 Mister Nik - The Plan Z #ep Oh Yeah

2012 Mr. Morse - Sampler #ep Private Investigations
Follow Me Home

2012 Necrocomiccon - Mjölnir For Nothing Mjölnir For Nothing

2012 Nikita - Thursday #s Six Blade Knife

2012 Paco Nula - Relaxing Spanish Guitar Sultans Of Swing

2012 Pink Turtle - A La Mode Sultans Of Swing

2012 PJ McDonald - The Long Road Home Night In Summer

2012 Rambling Dan Frechette - A Tease Done Bluegrass Walk Of Life

2012 Raylene Rankin - All The Diamonds The Fish And The Bird

2012 Rock4 - Because Private investigations

2012 Rosabella Gregory - Changing Keys #ep Your Latest Trick

2012 Soluna Samay & Gee Gee Kettel - The Best & The Rest Sultans Of Swing

2012 Stevey Hay - Stevey Hay's Shades Of Blues Fade To Black

2012 Terry Holley - Acoustic Covers 2: Stranger Things Money For Nothing

2012 The Frenchies - Busking Border Reiver

2012 Tierral Hard Blues - Blues To Blues I Think I Love You Too Much

2012 Tilmann Höhn & Marius Mertz - Wherever You Put Your Feet Sailing To Philadelphia

2012 Ukulele Clan Band - The Sun Money For Nothing

2012 Various Artists

Chimes Of Freedom: The Songs Of Bob Dylan

Restless Farewell

2012 Various Artists

Slightly Above Below Average: A Tribute To Chet Atkins

Slightly Above Below Average

2012 Viberider - Money For Nothing #s Money For Nothing

2012 Wave Mechanics Union - Further To Fly Your Latest Trick

2013 Aidan Quinn - Overworked & Underpaid All The Road Running

2013 Aisling Jarvis - Romeo And Juliet #ep Romeo And Juliet

2013 Alistair Russell & Chris Parkinson - A Glass And A Mile Piper To The End

2013 Alx Czo - Under Cover #ep Sultans Of Swing

2013 Amboilati - Noises Le Maitre Et Marguerite

2013 Amy Dickson - Catch Me If You Can Mist Covered Mountains
Going Home

2013 Anand Bhatt - Brothers In Arms #s Latin Version
Spanish Guitar Bachata Instrumental
Salsa Bachata Tropical Fusion BPM

2013 Arne Jansen - The Sleep Of Reason Brothers In Arms

2013 Art Miron - Collectables Last Laugh

2013 Avinoam Lasry - Homemade Handmade Romeo And Juliet

2013 Bhi Bhiman - Substitute Preacher #ep Walk Of Life

2013 Bob Schneider - Texas Bluegrass Massacre Live Walk Of Life

2013 Brian Hebert & Friends - Crossing The Bar Brothers In Arms/Crossing The Bar

2013 Brit In Jazz - Brit In Jazz Money For Nothing

2013 Bryan Rason - Storybook Love #s Storybook Love (Princess Bride Theme)

2013 Colin Reece - Good And Plenty How Long/That's Where I Belong

2013 Collette Hurst Quintet - Off The Tracks Our Shangri-La

2013 Danny Byrd - Byrd Is The Word Money For Nothing

2013 Dirk Michaelis - Welthits Auf Deutsch, vol.2 Waffenbrüder

2013 DJ Buddy Holly - Money For Nothing #s Money For Nothing
Money For Nothing (Explicit)
Money For Nothing (Radio Edit)

2013 DJ Esso - Calling Elvis #s Calling Elvis

2013 Elmar & Norbert - Together Mitanonder Water Of Love

2013 Essie Jain - All Became Golden Why Worry

2013 Feast Of Fiddles - Rise Above It Going Home

2013 Fes Taylor - New York State Of Grind #ep Private Dancer